Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who makes up what books get to be classics? [Dillon]

Well, my teacher made me read "Pride and Prejudice" and I got thinking who makes up what books are classics anyway? I mean what makes "Pride and Prejudice" better then other books? 1st it's supposed to be ironic and funny ,but there's plenty of good books like that.
2nd yes, it does use large vocabulary in which the author (Jane Austin) is the only one who has ever known what some of those words mean. If your going to judge good books by its vocabulary then just put all of the dictionaries in the so called "classic list". I don't know about you ,but my dictionary has plenty of large words.
3rd "Pride and Prejudice" shouldn't be a classic because it's not even possible for a guy to like that book. Oh, by the way I didn't actually read it.


  1. I agree. Mostly I think its because the Teachers are mostly women and the women choose books they like to read and have read many times, thus making them "classics". they do not really care if the guys like the book, but to them it doesn't matter because guys don't like reading. but the realty is that guys just don't like reading stupid girl books Teachers assign.

  2. Stupid girl books. I resent that comment. Jane Austin's books are classics because they show literary prowess in her developed style of writing. They also give a view into the lifestyles of people who lived in that time period. Maybe you males don't understand the value of a book that can transcend time, but at least I can.