Monday, June 8, 2009

Light and Truth — a poem

Here's a poem I wrote while I was on my mission. It works with the tune of "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy," "Come, Thou Fount," and any song with an 8787 meter.

Light and Truth
By Elder Ryan Kunz

From oblivion’s rambling matter
To the void’s vast, empty sea
Sprung a light, a noble purpose
Heav’nly Father’s plan to be.
Separating light and shadow,
Bringing form to formless night —
Through God’s word creation’s workings
Would bring truth into our sight.

Far away, from darkness fleeing,
Trav’lers sought the Lord in prayer.
‘Cross the sea, the Lord reserving,
Promised lands awaited there.
How to light their ships for sailing,
How to keep their passage bright?
Sixteen stones, with God’s own finger,
Lent the vessels heaven’s light.

In a grove, for wisdom seeking,
One young boy spoke from his knees.
In an answer, light descended
In a pillar through the trees.
“This,” He said, “is my Beloved,”
God of knowledge, truth and light!
Through the boy they lit a beacon
‘Luminating paths of right.

God our Father, source of all light
Shared His truth in ages past.
The Dispenser of all reason
Shines his lamp again at last.
As we share it, we discover
Our own light will never dim.
For this is light eternal —
To know God and dwell with Him.

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