Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to Fortune and Glory

This is the first post that is unique to this blog. The other day, I was sitting in my Media Management class thinking about all the people who were making huge amounts of money blogging, and I thought, "Man, Mace Windu could totally beat Darth Maul." Then I thought some more, and I started thinking about blogs, and I thought, "Man, I might be able to make some money off of this."

So that's the purpose of this blog, I'll be honest. I'm trying to put my writing talents to use. I get a lot of feedback: some people want to shoot me and others will take a bullet for me. I'm hoping to get both categories here, something I probably wouldn't get if the blogs appeared only on my Facebook account.

So come and browse, read and comment — or just click on the ads. I need an iPhone.

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